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Anatomy of a young rapper: Rkomi

The perfect mix between old and new school

Anatomy of a young rapper: Rkomi The perfect mix between old and new school

The perfect mix between old and new school: this is Mirko Martorana today, better known as Rkomi.

Not born, initially, with the dream of rap, began composing his first songs at the age of 17, to arrive, one year later, at the creation of Calvairate Mixtape vol.1; it works before it comes to the name of its neighborhood of origin.

Despite the fact that the seven songs were not produced in an exquisite way, the texts were already more complex and out of the cliché than those of many of their colleagues. The amount of words and the speed of expression resembled a flow of consciousness, an urgency to tell its neighborhood, its friendships, and the lives of others surrounding it and surrounding it. 

After two years of break, comes Daisen Sollen, a song whose title resumed a philosophical concept of Kant, then developed by Heidegger and Ernesto Martino, and from which will be named the whole ep.

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The video of Dasein Sollen is due to start in February 2016, and was shot at Calvairate. From this piece comes the first shares of colleagues like Sfera Ebbasta and Ghali, and the calls of the producers who want to collaborate with him, for example The Night Skinny, with which will be recorded Sissignore, published in May of last year.

From then on there is a rush of successes and testimonies of esteem: from boys of all ages who want to tatuari phrases of his songs, to academic criticism. On September 8, he released his first album, Io In Terra, which was already in the top of the FIMI topclass of most popular albums in Italy.


The hip hop world has always been closely linked to fashion. If you are passionate about this culture, and if you've been listening to rap for a few years, you've certainly noticed a musical evolution of the rapper's look.
For this, the boy of Cailvarate was chosen by adidas Italia to pay homage to the last two models of the UltraBOOST, UltraBOOST X All Terrain and UltraBOOST All Terrain family, through a special project made in collaboration with nns factory and taken by Carolina Amorett that you can discover here.


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