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Anatomy of a young rapper: Sfera Ebbasta

The Milan rapper's style as a symbol of his new, successful life

Anatomy of a young rapper: Sfera Ebbasta The Milan rapper's style as a symbol of his new, successful life

Sfera Ebbasta, born as Gionata Boschetti, does not need any presentations. The rapper from Cinisello Balsamo – but for all his fans "Ciny" – has just concluded his first European tour that has taken him around the main cities of Europe, sanctioning his success also outside of the "Bel Paese". However, at home he plays easily: after a long series of Italian dates – with over 40 sold-out shows – Sfera Ebbasta has definitively won the title of Trap King that he deserves.

Whether you like him or not, the good guy from Cinisello quarters has really made a turning point in the Italian music scene. If he was the first to bring the Trap to Italy, we don't know this with certainty, but surely Sfera Ebbasta and his trusty friend-producer Charlie Charles have brought this new music in the spotlight and given a very fresh breath of air to Italian music, opening the way to other rapper colleagues.

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Beat crazy and lyrics who talk about life's troubles in the neighborhood, including rapper topics such as money, sex, and drugs – in particular, the celebrated Purple Drank –, have launched Sfera Ebbasta to the success. However, despite the usual clichés that this kind of music often requires, in the Sfera Ebbasta's lyrics we can find some optimism and positive messages to his fans. Especially in his second, self-titled album, the first with a major, the rapper seems to think hard about his success, his new life and the efforts he has taken to get where he is now. Abandoning drug and neighborhood issues, Sfera Ebbasta speaks openly, and sincerely, to all his fans, and to all his haters, demonstrating how hard work and determination can help to realize our dreams.

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Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you right now: like every artist, especially musicians, the style is the second "way" for expressing their own thoughts. And Sfera Ebbasta is no exception. His eccentric, almost tacky outfits, maybe trashy, seem to scream "Hey, I did it too". A sort of personal rescue expressed through the clothes he wears, as a rematch with the life that did not give him much, but now it seems to have taken a new way.

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So, Sfera Ebbasta wears all of the hottest brands that a rapper should wear: Supreme, Palace, adidas Originals, Nike, Stone Island, VLONE and all the coolest items of the moment. There are also some luxury brands such as Gucci, Versace, and Vetements, and flamboyant accessories to complete the look.
It is no surprise that Sfera Ebbasta was taken under Marcelo Burlon's protection and even the fact that Nike has chosen him as a face for some collaborations, like the Future Forward Milan event to celebrate Air Max 97 or the launch of the Air VaporMax, who saw the rapper in the role of an astronaut on mission in space.

And as a respected rapper, Sfera Ebbasta has his own personal clothing line, BHMGBillion Headz Money Gang –, now the rapper's official merch that every fan can wear to feel a bit like their idol and, who knows, maybe even have the same luck.

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