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Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21,
80809 München, Germany

Olympiapark Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21,<br>80809 München, Germany

What do you think about the gorpcore trend and how do you relate to it? How do you live the outdoor in the city and why do you think is important?

Streetwear is constantly coming back. Even in the 90s, street-style pieces were a trend worn by hip-hop people, so I believe it's nothing new, everything keeps coming back. I think this trend is important, especially in the cities of Germany where the weather is not always so sunny, it changes continuously, showing the reason why garments were created, to protect us.

Why did you choose this location and what is your connection to this place?

I chose Olympia Park because throughout my childhood I spent a lot of time there. Every time I chill on the hill, I feel at peace as if time stood still for a few minutes.

What do you think of Goldwin’s SS22 collection, and which garments did you choose from the collection? How do you see a brand like Goldwin that stays across outdoor and daily lifestyles?

I like the SS22 collection very much. Especially the jacket with natural dyes. Goldwin has killed two birds with one stone! The lifestyle pieces are really nice, but I like the outdoor ones, even more, you can wear them in the city if the weather is good. I appreciate Goldwin's brand very much, because of its strong brand identity. I believe that some brands could take a leaf out of their book.