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Schloss Charlottenburg

Spandauer Damm 10-22
14059 Berlin, Germany

Schloss Charlottenburg Spandauer Damm 10-22<br>14059 Berlin, Germany
What do you think about the gorpcore trend and how do you relate to it? How do you live the outdoor in the city and why do you think is important?

For some reason, I always try not to give any attention to any trends. But I would say, that the gorpcore trend is a trend that has many benefits instead of other trends we had in the past and that we have now. People are attracted to being physically active and taking care of their well being. The interests in activities like running, cycling, hiking, etc., for example, increased a lot lately that leads you to connect with more people that have similar interests and get closer to nature -I think this is something great. Functional garments and tools exist for a reason. There will always be people who get some of these just for fashion aspects. But I believe that there will always be individuals which will find their interest in any of these great activities. For someone like me who lives in a city like Berlin, it is very important to have a good balance between the city life and the time I can spend in nature. I can reach the forest in just 20 minutes with my bike and this is something that I appreciate a lot.

Why did you choose this location and what is your connection to this place?

I choose “Schloss Charlottenburg” which is in the western part of Berlin, 5 minutes from my home. A garden behind this beautiful castle from 1699 that is open to the public. I’m there quite often, sometimes for a quick run or just for a chill walk. That’s what I mentioned before, you live in a city like Berlin and you can still be very close to nature.

What do you think of Goldwin’s SS22 collection, and which garments did you choose from the collection? How do you see a brand like Goldwin that stays across outdoor and daily lifestyles?
I wore the GORE-TEX Act City Jacket. The hidden pockets allows me to carry a lot of small items like writing materials, books, cameras, cables, and other daily essentials - there is even space for my bike lock. Berlin is very well known for its unpredictable weather. The day can start with a windy, rainy morning and can end with a sunny, warm evening. In that case, I can open up the underarm ventilation or I can pack the entire jacket in my stuff sack which is very convenient as a passionate cyclist. And that leads me to the bottoms. I need something comfortable and versatile like the Wool Easy Straight Pants. The temperature-controlled and durable material performs well on the bike and in every situation like business meetings or dinners. And like the Act City Jacket, you can store a handful of things in your pockets. I think a brand like Goldwin is going in the right direction if I can wear garments that are functional and perfect for the daily at once. That also affected my consumption and other behaviors in a positive way. You have less, but at the same time, you have everything.