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Vans sued MSCHF over Wavy Babies, of course

Did someone say "déjà vu?"

Vans sued MSCHF over Wavy Babies, of course Did someone say déjà vu?

A few days after the online drop of the Wavy Baby, Vans has decided to take legal action against MSCHF for the extreme similarity with the Old Skool, from which the Wavy Baby take colors, logos and packaging with the risk, according to the brand, to "confuse consumers". Certainly not a novelty for MSCHF, which in the past had seen the same complaints from Nike on the occasion of the release of the Air Max 97 "Satan".

This time the brand has decided to respond by telling some background on the unique negotiation between the two parties and in which Vans, before deciding to take legal action, had asked to share the profits of sales and to be able to receive four pairs, coming to open the door even to a future collaboration between the brands. «It turns out they were shaking hands at the same time they were stabbing us in the back,» the brand commented. «Vans is an institution that hides behind its past legacy as a 'creative youth brand,» added MSCHF. «In 50 years, never has any of their sneakers garnered so much attention prior to release. The Wavy Baby is a transformation above and beyond anything Vans could ever attempt.»

Despite the lawsuit taken by Vans, MSCHF's intention seems to be to continue with the drop on the scheduled date: April 18 on