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All Weather MTE by Vans

It's already available and it has has something new for you

All Weather MTE by Vans It's already available and it has has something new for you


If your wardrobe is still not ready for winter, no problem, Vans will dress you up properly with its All Weather MTE collection, a womenswear and menswear clothing line, designed specially for very frigid temperetures.

You can choose from a rage of clothes, created for facing the cold winter weather. For you, boys, Vans designed three different jackets, the Woodcrest MTE, the Carthage MTE and the Torrey Quilt MTE. Every model is created with a specific material and a typical silhouette who characterises them, but every item combines the comfort of the winter jackets with a trendy design.

The womenswear line shows the Fuego Parka MTE and the Vancouver Jacket MTE models: the first one is a padded parka with a removable hood, including a faux fur detail, while the second one is a double-face bomber, the one side has a all-black diamond tone quilted lining, and the other side has a polka dot camo pattern. 

Finally, the All Weather MTE collection shows also a revised version of the Sk8-Hi MTE, Sk8-Hi 46 MTE and the Old Skool MTE shoe models. All models have been “pimped” with an interior warm padding and have been designed with a waterproof fabric; there is also a special tank sole, created by Vans following over 20 years of experience in this sector, which makes the shoes to keep the feet warm and dry.

But what is really new is the Sk8-Hi Del Pato MTE women model, inspired by the rubber boots, with a polka dot pattern upper and designed with the Scotchgard technology, to face any climatic conditions.