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OFF-WHITE x Levi's Made & Crafted Collection

Interview by HYPEBEAST

OFF-WHITE x Levi's Made & Crafted Collection Interview by HYPEBEAST

Levi’s Made & Crafted is about to launch a new capsule collection in collaboration with OFF-WHITE, the high streetwear brand signed by the eclectic Virgil Abloh.

The collection, which consists of 11 pieces, revisits some of the most iconic pieces of the Californian’s denim giant with a modern and ultra contemporary twist. Among the hottest pieces of the line, we find the classic Trucker's Jacket, reinterpreted here through a brushstroke of chalk white on the left side.

While waiting for the collection’s launch party in Los Angeles, our friends at HYPEBEAST have met Virgil Abloh and Jonathan Cheung, Levi's Head of Design, to find out what lies behind one of the most interesting collaborations of the season.

"About a year ago I was having lunch with a Levi’s intern and he kind of gets in front of my face and says you gotta work with this guy [Virgil Abloh]. He proceeds to give me Virgil’s life story [...] Although I had heard of Virgil beforehand I found it interesting and I fundamentally believe you have to listen to young people; you can’t pretend at my age to know the word on the street" said Cheung. "The first thing we did is send him a goodie package of vintage Levi’s that we had handpicked and then he went and customized them for his show in Spring ‘16. Following that, he came and spent time in Eureka, worked really hard with our fabulous team from Made & Crafted, and produced a small unisex collection".

"I feel a responsibility to make things that people want to wear. So it’s not doing anything crazy like adding a third leg to [the jeans]. I’m trying to make something that’s wearable but has a spark of inspiration from a designer’s view. It’s different from every pair of jeans that we have in our closet. That to me is our space of design. We’re cutting things, removing hems that are normally there", said Abloh.

You can read the full interview here.