The commercials usually share a universal synonym: wild zapping. But it's also true that sometimes, some rare creatives worthy of the name, raise from the lethargy of fantasy and wise up by stereotypes' illness - creating advertising that, thanks to their originality, innovation and particularity, are able to draw the attention of viewers. The remote control, impulsively grasped at first, will then slowly leaned back on the couch - while the eyes, the heart and the brain will merge with the images on television.

In view of the Air Max Day we have compiled a list of the best 5 Air Max spot ever, so that you could definitely forget the meaning of zapping.


1. This explains where the air contained in the Air Max really comes from



2. A cross-section on the Air Max society directly from 1994



3. "The Nike Air 180: available all over the world", in the literal sense



4. The Nike Air Max 95 Animal Pack in its natural habitat



5. 1987: the revolution begins - and we must believe what Beatles said