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Jacquemus - La Grande Motte

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Jacquemus - La Grande Motte Le Film

Simon Porte Jacquemus brings us to La Grande Motte seaside resort and kitsch tourist destination of France. This place with the bizarre architecture inspired by the ziggurats, the towers of the Mesopotamian peoples, created by Jean Balladur, is the one that the young designer chooses as inspiration for his summer proposal and as the set of the video that accompanies it.

Fitted tops, sweatshirts, shorts, printed t-shirts become the perfect outfits for a young vacationing in the south of France. This melancholy and introspective girl, the seventeen year old Dolores Doll, falls in love, plays tennis, eats and sells ice creams, walk on the seafront, lives the indolent bourgeois summer. Simon Bertrand Porte Jacquemus choose Bertrand le Pluard to direct an innocent and naïve lolita wrapped in an atmosphere reminiscent of films by Eric Rohmer in the '80s as "Pauline à la Plange" or "L'ami de mon amie".

Collection,then video, now becomes book: 125 pages full of shots that trace Jacquemus job for the summer 2014. Each dress tells a story, playful and young, each of them has the fresh and natural, without effort, charm which seems to be characteristic inherent in every French woman. This young designer who before being twenty years old in 2010 founded his own eponymous brand, soon becoming one of the most interesting talents of the moment and the most loved by it-girls like Jeanne Damas and Caroline de Maigret, fits perfect that certain something characteristic that has every girl in France.