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The Game of Males - Nick Wooster

The alpha male of american streetstyle

The Game of Males - Nick Wooster The alpha male of american streetstyle

They say that behind a great man is a great woman, but only women to be great? The queens of the fashion system has been written and will be written much yet, but have you ever wondered who are their male versions? The Game of males is a magnifying glass on the figure of the "self-made man" in today's society, modern free-climbers of the social pyramid of the fashion system, histrionic men from the activities and different interests  that capture the attention and favor of the insiders and the merely curious. Their faces bouncing from one end of the web and we have all learned to recognize traits and faces. But who are the real masters of the style?

Milan, after fashion week, lives in a sort of permanent hangover,  because of six days of excess. Meanwhile, the bandwagon of fw is preparing to drop its curtain on the Ville Lumière.

The man of whom we're about to talk about is an icon: protagonist of fashion week and undisputed king of all catwalks worthy of note.  After leaving the position of Vice President and Head Designer for JC Penney, the last hunt of the picaresque Mr. Wooster, rose to prominence in the fashion industry as the Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus, earned him a partnership with Atrium brand, and what about: one of flagship store in New York will be called "Atrium Wooster. "

Special signs: Age not reached. Could not resist the softness of his white beard and intriguing, its wild air and the hair salt and pepper. Don Wooster was one of the first alpha male system gallantly to dare the complete tailoring with short shorts, to show the powerful legs tattooed, indistinguishable sign of his person, such as the spotted coat of a leopard.

His suits are characterized by the most absurd fantasies: they range from whales, to camou, the patchwork of wool, to swaying palms Caribbean. This robe is mutable and changing then crowned with a sly smile that would dwarf even our dear Alberto Sordi.

"Cool does not Necessarily mean avant-garde." Nickelson Wooster