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Save the date - DIESEL + EDUN Studio Africa live

Kalaf Angelo from 19:00 pm - Diesel Firenze Store

Save the date - DIESEL + EDUN Studio Africa live Kalaf Angelo from 19:00 pm - Diesel Firenze Store

Questa sera a Firenze non perdetevi la tappa di DIESEL+EDUN #STUDIOAFRICA Live! Il regista Sean Metelerkamp, vincitore dell'iniziativa, presenta il suo video come un mix di immagini sospese tra moda e danza e accompagnato dalla colonna sonora esclusiva di Ndekha e altri gruppi dance Sud Africani. Patsula vs Puppets è stato giraro a Soweto, luogo che ha ispirato le fatiche e i lavori di Metelerkamp, di origini Sudafricane. Quindi non perdetevi questa tappa importante se siete nei pressi di Firenze! Store Diesel, free beer e Live set di KALAF ANGELO.

Qui l'evento su facebook per avere tutte le info -  LINK.


Tonight don't miss #STUDIOAFRICA Live by Diesel+Edun in Florence! The Award winning director, Sean Metelerkamp presents his new film for the Studio Africa initiative, a marriage of lively fashion and dance set to an exclusive track by The Very Best & Moroka called 'Ndekha' and featuring South African dance group, REAL ACTIONS. Metelerkamp showcases the vibrancy of the traditional Pantsula dance as a compliment to the DIESEL + EDUN clothing worn by the cast, members of REAL ACTIONS. Established in 1992 in Johannesburg with the aim of challenging creative minds through dance after realizing the wealth of talent amongst the youth of the area, REAL ACTIONS bring to life the story behind the DIESEL + EDUN collection; a celebration of breakout talent from the continent.

Under the eye of the South African native, Patsula vs Puppets was shot on location in Soweto to harness the creative spirit of the area Metelerkamp has worked hard at unearthing over time to share on an international stage. In Metelerkamp’s own words, ‘I know I can create content that I can twist to satisfy my imagination and put out to the rest of the world.’

His work with DIESEL + EDUN brought about new challenges, an experience he was keen to embrace: ‘This was the first time I’ve ever worked with a clothing brand, and it was a super interesting experience, as from the very beginning I was aware of the fact that these DIESEL + EDUN clothes were a super important element within the film. These clothes actually determined the look of the film, because of the dancers, your eyes are focused on the dancers and they’re wearing that clothing, it’s very sharp on the eye. It was actually something new to me that Iended up really enjoying.’ If you are free on March 14 don't miss Studio Africa Live, a special event for you at the Diesel Store in Florence with the live performance of Kalaf Angelo ( Buraka Som Sistema ). Stay with us!