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adidas will go back to selling Yeezys

But profits will go to charity and Ye will take 15% commission

adidas will go back to selling Yeezys  But profits will go to charity and Ye will take 15% commission

adidas has finally decided to offer for sale the Yeezy products that had remained unsold since last October, when the company terminated its contract with the brand's founder, Kanye West. The total value of the unsold items amounts to 1.2 billion euros, but the profits will be donated to charity. At a company meeting, adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden said the company will help organisations set up to support all those who «have been hurt» by West's comments and behaviours in recent months. It was not specified which charitable funds will be involved, or what percentage of the proceeds will actually go to them. According to reports from Yeezy Mafia, Kanye West will get 15% of all commissions. 

adidas' decision to put the Yeezys back on the market comes at a tough time for the company. Since the German company confirmed the end of its collaboration with West, the company's overall income has dropped dramatically. In the first quarter of this year, it lost 1% of its turnover, or 5.2 billion euros, and last week it reported a further loss of over 5 billion euros. According to Gulden, had it not been for Yeezy the first quarter sales growth could have been +9%. Despite the fact that demand for Kanye West's trainers is soaring, one of the options considered by adidas before the charity sale was to burn all Yeezy material, an idea soon discarded as, as Gulden explained, it would have created a «sustainability problem.» 

And while adidas tries to tackle the Yeezy re-release as best it can, trying to keep its reputation alive, Kanye West secretly unveiled his own brand's Season 10, a performance that could seem to be in effect a cult ceremony. Rumour has it that Jerry Lorenzo will replace West at adidas, or, that the long-standing collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto will be put at the forefront of this transition phase, so that the new Y-3 collections - the first was launched just today - can repaint the brand's image with their markedly avant-garde style.