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How much can a fashion show come to cost?

Spoilers, so much

How much can a fashion show come to cost? Spoilers, so much

It only takes, on average, ten or maximum fifteen minutes to determine the success of a fashion show. And this has been the case since they came into existence, although the complexity hidden behind the management of these types of events has changed. According to data reported by Starting Finance, the price of a fashion show ranges from a minimum of $100,00-200,000 to over $1 million. Based on the expenses faced in the four main fashion capitals - Milan, Paris, London and New York - a price of $100,000 per minute has been calculated, which, per second, can become $1,667. Indeed, there are many expenses that make a fashion show expensive. Basic fixed costs include location, production (sound, lighting, video), direction, models, MUA, hostesses, security, and clothing. Other items, however, may vary according to the needs of the designer or brand. 

The most expensive fashion show ever was the 2016 Victoria's Secret show, the price of which was reportedly $26.7 million, according to executive producer Edward Razek. Price justified, moreover, by the cachet used to pay celebrities of Lady Gaga's caliber.  Other figures were provided by the American designer Christian Siriano, who disclosed his expenses to Vogue Business: excluding the cost of producing the dresses, the price would range between $127,00 and $312,000. Among the multiple items to be considered are casting of models (up to 60,000), location, (up to 50,000), lighting (up to 40,000), sound (up to 10,000), production (up to 30,000), seating (up to 10,000), set design (up to 10,000), catering (up to 5,000), car service (up to 7,000), and MUA (sponsored). As for the return associated with this type of investment, it is not easy to calculate the returns.

Recently, analytics firm Launchmetrics patented an algorithm called MIV (Media Impact Value) that can calculate the online and social media impact of events and initiatives related to the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries. For example, the 2021 show of Fendi and versace generated 24 million dollars in media impact value.