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The Off-White ™ videogame pays homage to Virgil Abloh

The memorial by OFFKAT

The Off-White ™ videogame pays homage to Virgil Abloh The memorial by OFFKAT

OFFKAT, the video game launched on July 9th 2021 on the occasion of the collaboration between Virgil Abloh and Off-White ™ with the New York-based graffiti artist KATSU, has released a latest updated version with a memorial for the unexpected death of the designer, as well as a new drop of assets and skins. Abloh's avatar is dressed in a coordinated iridescent set, while the skyscrapers of the city that make up the videogame setting are covered with advertising with the words "Virgil Forever" and "Virgil Lives", the Off-White™ logo, some black and white photos or some of his most significant quotes, while in the background there are graffiti, fireworks and very tall roses that recall Off-White™'s homage to the Chicago designer inside the store across the world.

"For centuries the graffiti covered the city of OFFKAT giving hope to its people, but now they have all been erased by the evil mayor. Now it's up to you to" smear "the streets and restore the glory to the people...": this is the plot of OFFKAT. The story and the videogame itself arise from the idea of ​​celebrating the collaboration with KATSU, a graffiti artist who works with technology and public intervention to ignite the debate on privacy and digital culture.

Within the game it is possible to go around the city and create graffiti by escaping from the police and from the eye of the security cameras, by selecting one of the two avatars available, Virgil Abloh or KATSU himself; as well as the settings: "Free Roam" and "Bomb Time". The former allows players to explore the streets in search of artwork by collecting coins and smearing vacant walls, while the latter aims to conquer neighborhoods piece by piece in a race against the authorities. The score of each player is visible in the global ranking of the platform, thus enriching the digital experience.