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The 5 craziest walks recently seen on the catwalk

When another model becomes an accessory to carry on your shoulders

The 5 craziest walks recently seen on the catwalk When another model becomes an accessory to carry on your shoulders

A fashion show consists, quite literally, of models walking back and forth. The format of the classic fashion show has changed and evolved over the years: if in Christian Dior's time the models walked carrying a tag with the number, today the approaches have become much more creative. The way you walk on the catwalk tells something about the mood of a collection, about the image that the designer wants to evoke. Fashion history is full of similar moments, especially thanks to Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, two designers who have never put together a regular show. 
That's why nss magazine has listed below five crazy walks seen on the catwalk in recent years.

#1 Burberry's shoulder-carried models

For the presentation of the SS22 collection, Riccardo Tisci decided to evoke the rebellious world of raves, with models with faces full of piercings dancing between sand heaps and concrete columns of the Millennium Mills in London. It was a very interesting collection but the element of madness that made it stand out were the three central looks in which the models were carrying other models on their shoulders. The reference was to the world of concerts and festivals, a celebration of love on the dancefloor, something never seen before on a Burberry catwalk. 

#2 Leon Dame's walk for Maison Margiela

John Galliano, movement director Pat Boguslawski and model Leon Dame. Three personalities gave the audience one of the most viral moments of fashion in recent years during Maison Margiela's SS20 show: even the algid Anna Wintour laughed. To be fair, all the models of the show used their own "personalized" walk - each conceived by Boguslawski - but when Leon Dame came out on the catwalk, with his caricatured and exaggerated movements and his furious gaze, stopping to stare at the cameras in a dramatic pose the audience was stunned and, even better, the model became an instant meme.

#3 Rick Owens' models wearing other models

Rick Owens is a designer who loves to impress, not to say shock. After all, it's the same one who wrote, in the '90s: "I would lay a black glittering turd on the white landscape of conformity". In his show SS16, for example, some of the models wore other models strapped to their bodies – a sort of unconventional but very effective demonstration of the literal strength of women, but also a brilliant moment of creativity in which Owens' brutalist aesthetic was brought back to life. 

#4 Issey Miyake's jazz show

Issey Miyake is perhaps the most universally loved designer in the fashion world. Far from the hype circles but close to everyone's hearts, his FW20 show in Paris was not a real parade but a performance with acrobatic music and dance. The concept is justified by the aesthetics of Issey Miyake Homme Plissè, whose creations are all concocted around the fluidity of movement of the human body. The result was an incredibly cheerful show – something rare in a fashion industry that instead seems to love moodiness or, at the very least, extreme seriousness beyond one's whimsy. 

#5 Cartier Williams's tap dance for Off-White™

A moment no one expected, especially during an Off-White™ show, was Cartier Williams' tap. Tap is a dance that originated in the minstrel show and vaudeville environment, whose most famous performers were historically African-American, but which derives from a cultural melting pot that includes the African-born Juba Dance and the Irish jigs and Scottish step dancing – while remaining a form of Made in USA entertainment. A beautiful symbol to celebrate the diversity of a show that has taken Virgil Abloh's brand to new heights.