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The top 5 Supreme stores in the world

Where there will always be a long queue

The top 5 Supreme stores in the world Where there will always be a long queue

The fact that there are so few Supreme stores in the world has fueled, over the last twenty years, the huge hype surrounding the brand. The first and original location on Lafayette Street in New York became famous, in the 90s, for its particularly curated aesthetic and, twenty years and thirteen flagships later, that same clean style, that attitude to curation that in the 90s made the first store so different from the other skate stores of the time. 

Upon the opening of Supreme first store in Milan, nss magazine wanted to retrace the aesthetics of Supreme stores through the five best locations that the brand has opened in the world. 

San Francisco, California

Built by British architecture firms Brinkworth and Wilson Brothers, this is Supreme's newest location and embodies its most pop side. The industrial aesthetic is even more intense than the Brooklyn location, with steel beams, smooth concrete floors and uncovered bricks – while the colourful sculptures, the ceiling sound system and the almost monumental skate track give a sense of the high style and prestige that the brand has developed in recent years. 

Brooklyn, New York

Located in a warehouse redesigned by architect Neil Logan's studio, Supreme Brooklyn is a perfect extension of the original Lafayette Street location. Its aesthetic has been able to capture both the Supreme of the origins, with its industrial-romantic setting with a very street flavour, as well as what Supreme has become over the years, thanks to the breadth of the location and the architectural care of certain details such as the contrast between the hypermodern showcase and the brick façade, the graffiti inside and the elevated skate track. 

Paris, France

Transplanting the New York world of Supreme through the streets of Le Marais in Paris could have been a difficult operation: first of all for the narrow spaces imposed by the architecture of the French capital, and then for the inherent chicness of the city more accustomed to couture than streetwear – yet the equation worked: the Parisian store is the most discreet of the entire Supreme family, at least outside, with an interior that concisely presents the products and that is set in a classic courtyard French visible through the semi-transparent roof. 

Harajuku, Japan

Supreme Harajuku is perhaps the most iconic location of all – also thanks to its location, that of the historic district that gave its name to an entire and very important aesthetic (immortalized over the years by the legendary Fruits Magazine) as well as the births of brands such as Neighboorhood and BAPE. The main feature of the store is its huge open window on the narrow streets of Harajuku, a unicum in the brand's store family. 

Los Angeles, California

Supreme's fifth store, which opened in 2004 after the opening of the three locations in Japan, is also the second on American soil. The size of the LA store is double that of the original Lafayette Street store and its opening (accompanied by the release of the Box Logo in Hebrew characters) has been so successful that it brings back to life the entire Fairfax Strip which today also includes the Stores of Golf Wang and 424.