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How a Crocs collaboration comes about

From Balenciaga to Nicole McLaughlin, the strategy of the American brand to make it big again

How a Crocs collaboration comes about From Balenciaga to Nicole McLaughlin, the strategy of the American brand to make it big again

Never as in the last period the Crocs seem to have returned to the limelight. More than a sensation, but a real fact due in large part to the will of the American brand to open up to novelty, to transform an object generally associated with something far from fashion into a synonym of design and creativity. Collaborating has become one of Crocs' favorite verbs, which in the last period has added an endless list of names to its iconic Clogs, from Justin Bieber to Bad Bunny, in a journey that began years ago with Christopher Kane first and Balenciaga then.

If the collaboration with Bieber and his brand Drew had made Crocs' shares soar, it is the one with Nicole McLaughlin that best represents the brand's philosophy and approach to collaborations, as explained by Yann Le-Bozec, Marketing Director Crocs EMEA: "Our Clog is a perfect blank canvas, which is why it plays such an important role in many of our collaborations, such as with Nicole McLaughlin. While her style can be easily recognized around the world, she can easily be shaped to meet the design idea of ​​our partners. "

Born in Boston, Nicole McLaughlin has become famous on Instagram thanks to her creations that combine design with the search for recycled or waste materials. An unexpected success, arrived with a project carried out in his spare time while working as a designer at Reebok and immediately became famous thanks to a series of iconic creations. From shorts made with the fabric of JanSport backpacks to fleece sandal created with parts of Patagonia fabric, each creation by Nicole is a new and unexpected way to reimagine brands and items that are familiar to us.

In the same way, its collaboration with Crocs reimagines the Clogs in an unprecedented outdoor version, equipping them with a protective sheath that extends to the ankle and some useful pockets to contain essential items to be used during a hike in the mountains, from compass to a torch. The collabo, already sold-out online, celebrates the philosophy that drives Crocs in every partnership with a new creator: "Authenticity and the desire to amaze remain the heart of our strategy behind the collaborations. so distinctive you can create something very special for the customer, as happened with Justin Bieber, KFC, Liberty London, Bad Bunny and many others. It is not only the demonstration of the importance of our brand, but it helps new customers to understand how Crocs may also be important to them. "

While not knowing what next year will bring, the path taken by Crocs seems to bode well, celebrating more and more creativity as the cornerstone of their brand philosophy. "We will continue to find ways to introduce new and different styles in all collaborations, from 2021 and beyond", experimenting and daring have become two familiar terms of the American brand, launched towards the path of renewal to gain new audiences. If Kanye West has attracted the attention of the street world with its Slides and the new Foam Runners, Crocs can boast the authorship of those unique designs, ready to return to our feet in new forms.