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The invitation to the Gucci show is a WhatsApp vocal message from Alessandro Michele

"Hello, how are you? Everything good?"

The invitation to the Gucci show is a WhatsApp vocal message from Alessandro Michele Hello, how are you? Everything good?

Inviting someone to a fashion show is an art. From Louis Vuitton's backward-ticking clock to Moncler's LED screen, Versace's flibook and Salvatore Ferragamo's cantucci, in the past years brands have given free rein to fantasy when it came to promoting their own events. Gucci, especially since the advent of Alessandro Michele, has created the most interesting invitations of all: a neoclassical mask enclosed in a wooden crate and protocol sheets compiled with a childish handwriting are just some of the creative ways with which Michele extended his invitations to journalists, buyers and friends of the brand. But the invitation to the Gucci show that will be held tomorrow afternoon in Milan, surpasses them all in originality: it's a WhatsApp vocal note. Listen to it below.

All the guests of Gucci's show for the Women's FW20 collection, received a vocal note in which the voice of Alessandro Michele says: "Hello, how are you? Everything good? I was thinking that if you were in Milan next Wednesday it would be nice if you came here to the Gucci Hub for the fashion show. Let me know. Kisses." A familiar message, almost intimate, unsettling for those accustomed to fine tickets, small cadeaux or compassed letters and more importantly fully sustainable since it doesn't use paper or other materials: just eletro-magnetic frequencies. Once again Michele proves that the strength of his Gucci lies in the surprises he is able to reserve. We just have to wait for tomorrow's show.

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