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Louis Vuitton FW19 Women’s collection review

An exploration of modern French elegance

Louis Vuitton FW19 Women’s collection review An exploration of modern French elegance

Last night in Paris saw Louis Vuitton present their FW19 Women’s collection during Fashion Week. Taking place in the iconic Pompidou Centre, a great example of generational architecture, representing a dialogue of contrast between unorthodox construction and the historic Parisian neighborhood. The collection, designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, took inspiration from the Women he’d grown up with. Exploring the quintessential French femininity of the house, Ghesquière took on the “jolie madame” staples such as the skirt suits, pleated skirts, and day dresses, with added contemporary details to make them relevant for the modern day. 

Cropped jacket combined with gray buttonless skirt suits were adorned with spiky metal medallions and chains or thick links decorating faux pockets. Worn underneath was a black leather top with long fringes along the front. Knee-length skirts were paired with round-shouldered patchwork blouses that stood halfway between couture silhouettes and athletic tops.

“Sometimes we thought that to empower women in a cliché way was to put men’s clothes on her, but we forget some very strong women were wearing very feminine outfits. I love this idea also to explore that, to have women that changed the world and that were not dressing like men.” 

Nicolas Ghesquière

Louis Vuitton who has like many luxury brands been pushing their focus on Sneakers, in this collection had left last season’s Archlight sneaker behind, replaced by more classic high heeled looks. The show was a homage to the classic Louis Vuitton with a modern day twist.

See some of the highlight below and head over to the LV site to relive the show.

  •  Photos courtesy of LV and Vogue