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Karl Lagerfeld best fashion show

A tribute to the career of the unforgettable fashion designer

Karl Lagerfeld best fashion show A tribute to the career of the unforgettable fashion designer

Karl Lagerfeld there is no more and the fashion world, like also that of art, has stopped for him, for this multifaceted, eccentric, attentive, talented as few, ironic, iconic genius, a man so iconic and so overflowing with creativity that he was the only one to drive three maison at the same time (his namesake brand, Fendi and Chanel).

"Drawing like breath, you do not ask to breathe, it just happens, and if I could not breathe, I'd be in trouble."

He used to say in interviews, answering those who asked how he could handle such a workload, counting also the many collaborations, the activity of photographer and everything else that kept him busy every day.

He was a workaholic, able to draw everything, clothes, bags, shoes, even pieces of design and all this material remains alive to talk about him and to teach what beauty is. And for Kaiser Karl, beauty and fashion make sense only if they evolve, if they do not remain anchored to the past, but dialogue with contemporaneity. Also, for this reason, he keeps repeating:

“Tradition is something that you have to handle carefully, because it can kill you. Respect was never creative. What I did, in a way, was to update the Chanel… it’s an exercice de style”

and continued:

"Fashion is also an attempt to make some invisible aspects of the reality of the moment visible."

The love for Maison Chanel. Despite having worked for many brands such as Chloè or, until the last moment, Fendi, his name remains indissolubly linked to that of Chanel. When he took over from Madame Coco in 1983, everyone said that the maison was over, that it would no longer be successful and he would be crushed by the designer's cumbersome personality. He does not listen to anyone, accepts the challenge and wins it, bringing the fashion house to levels never reached before.

His genius was in his irreverent manipulation of Chanel's work. Lagerfeld has transformed the cult items of the brand like tweed bouclé, pearls, gold buttons, two-color and C-fit shoes in must-have for a new generation. And the fact remains, as we said before, attentive to the present, reflecting popular culture even when this choice could appear provocative as when for autumn-winter 1991 he presented a rap-and-hip-hop show. To those who criticize it he said:

“Rappers tell the truth - that’s what’s needed now.”

In his honor, we remember the 5 most important shows of his long career, chosen not only for their uniqueness, but because they were able to tell the present while we were living.


Chloé collection SS 1975

After seeing the collection, the Women's Wear Daily announces from its first pages that: 

"Rocked the fashion professionals…. Karl Lagerfeld’s 200 trendsetting models do for unconstructed shapes what Balenciaga once did for constructed clothes…. he ties his delicate crepe blouses and shirts together with a soft scarf belt. He knots material together... He does filmy dresses in multiple layers…. he leaves everything unhemmed finished with a simple overstitch. His big accessory is a scarf, appearing as a choker, a belt, an ankle-wrap".


Chanel SS 1994

“Fashion today is more about attitude than detailing.” 

Lagerfeld said many years ago. For this collection, in fact, he studies the road, its vibrations, the trends, what people and especially the young people wear at that precise moment, reworks it and transforms it into pure Chanel. So, on the catwalk, Kate Moss, Naomi and Claudia Schiffer wear bouclé outfits with big chains, wide shorts with straps, rapper style trousers and rollerblade with double C.


Fendi Great Wall of China Show 2007


Kaiser Karl conquers Asia and, for the first time in history, transforms the great wall of China in the set of a parade, that of Fendi. On an 88 meter long catwalk all the opulence of the brand is staged with special attention to the symbols considered lucky in China like red and round shapes. Perhaps not the most legendary collection of Lagerfeld, but the most spectacular set of all time.


Karl Lagerfeld FW 2008

A collection that would have pleased Madame Coco: very black, bows, feminine silhouettes contaminated with codes of men's clothing, clean cuts, precise, an almost austere elegance, but very fascinating.


Chanel FW 2014

Karl Lagerfeld can do everything. It can build space rockets, take us inside an airplane, have the best works of art available, recreate a beach, sea, waterfalls and can certainly have its own supermarket full of Chanel designer products.