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The return of Fiorucci becomes a documentary

"You Will Be With Us in Paradise" by Isaac Lock

The return of Fiorucci becomes a documentary You Will Be With Us in Paradise by Isaac Lock

Fiorucci was like the pulse of the city.”

Diane von Furstenberg remembers how it was yesterday that wonderful pop paradise in technicolor made of a thousand different objects from all over the world where it was easy to come across the cool New York of the 80s, in legendary artists like Warhol, Haring, Maripol or Madonna.

The creature of Elio Fiorucci (here to retrace the history of his iconic business), cool hunter ante litteram, was not only the first of the concept stores, it was "the daytime study 54", a place with magical energy. The same about thirty years after its closure have tried to recreate Stephen and Jane Schaffer who bought the brand in 2015.

Now the behind the scenes of the entrepreneurial duo's company becomes You Will Be With Us in Paradise, a documentary directed by Isaac Lock is commissioned by M2M with the participation of Fiorucci fashion veterans and longtime fans.

“My interest wasn’t strictly in the brand itself, but more in what it represented,” - Lock says - “In the fact that it was being revived 40 years after it’s initial demise, and in the unlikely people that had chosen to try and revive it".

Waiting for the release date of the docu, follow the IG account @paradise_documentary and look here is the trailer.