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Sneakerness is coming to Milan

The biggest sneaker fair in Europe is coming to town October 6-7th

Sneakerness is coming to Milan The biggest sneaker fair in Europe is coming to town October 6-7th

Earlier this summer during White Street Market, we were able to reveal that the esteemed Sneaker fair, Sneakerness will be holding its first event in Milan this October, and nss is very happy to now announce our official involvement as media partner. Happening October 6th and 7th at Fabbrica Orobia, close to Fondazione Prada, presented by the Milan based agency Centoeventi, the strategic communication agency part of SG Company with the collaboration of Andrea Canziani and Jacopo Pozzati.

The weekend will see a cornucopia of Sneaker related activities, with selling stands, brand booths, talks, raffles and everything you could dream of from a sneaker fair, along with, fun sports activities, live events, and DJ’s. nss magazine will also feature its own booth, the details of which we will reveal in the near future. 

Founded in 2008 in Bern, Switzerland by Sergio Muestra as a reaction to the then budding stages of E-commerce that was happening via various social media, Sneakerness wanted to set a counter-trend, where people could come and gather to see and buy sneakers with and from ‘real’ people as opposed to only over the internet. Currently organizing approximately 5 fairs a year in various European cities, even crossing onto two continents with their Johannesburg event last year. Sneakerness is the largest international event dedicated to sneakers lovers which in 2017 attracted over 45,000 visitors, 200 brands and 660 private resellers, with nine events in Switzerland and a world tour involving the cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Warsaw, Cologne, Johannesburg, Rotterdam, the turn has now come to Milan.

Sneakerness will offer brands and consumers a new opportunity to meet people and to create experiential interactions. Underlining the importance of the resale market in the world, whose current value is around $ 1 billion. 

“Ten years ago I had an idea about organizing a sneaker event. After discussing this crazy idea with various people, Sneakerness was born. Together with Diana, Lukas, and Nik we hosted in 2008 the first Sneakerness show in Bern. It was the beginning of social media like YouTube, Facebook etc. So the Sneakerness wildfire was spreading rapidly online and we got some requests to host our show aboard Switzerland. We would never have dreamed of such an interest. We were super motivated to organize Sneakerness in foreign countries. Look at us know: Sneakerness is happening in about 10 cities in 2018. Milano was on my roadmap a long time ago, but we are never in a rush and timing is key. And 2018 Milano is key.”

Sergio Muster, founder of Sneakerness.

An unmissable event for anyone into Sneakers, check out the links below for event and ticket info.

Sneakerness site

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