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adidas Originals will present the P.O.D. System at White Street Market

A full immersion with talk, workshops and the artwork of four emergent visual artists

 adidas Originals will present the P.O.D. System at White Street Market A full immersion with talk, workshops and the artwork of four emergent visual artists

Next weekend art, culture and streetwear will meet in Milan at White Street Market. From June 16th to 18th, the Ex Ansaldo | Base in via Tortona 54 in Milan will become the perfect place to spend the weekend, with workshops, talks, music and entertainment. 

Among the different brands and projects that will take part in the festival, adidas Originals will present the P.O.D. System, a new silhouette inspired by the adidas heritage and improved through the use of new technologies. The installation - created just for WSM - is an immersive experience in the adidas Originals brand. A journey to explore the new silhouette starting from the archive to the new creative process. In the design section a series of artworks will tell the different steps, development and design of the new sole for the P.O.D. System, while in the inspiration section you'll have the chance to catch a special screening of the documentary "Think Podular", where the most important designers tell how they created the shoe. 

On Sunday afternoon Maya Romeike (Senior Project manager of the adidas Originals team), Kish Kash (Sneakerness UK Country Manager) and Peter Dahlgren (nss magazine) will have a conversation about the constant design innovation and the work on silhouettes and technologies and how it was interpreted by subcultures from the 20th century to the new generations. 

The explore section - open all weekend and inspired by the design studio where the P.O.D. was created, and where the guests can customize their P.O.D. bags - will host four emerging visual artists, who will rework the P.O.D. in a contemporary way. Laro Vilas Boas, Marica Martella, FinnanoFenno e Federico Giuliani are the four rising artists who will create during White Street Market a collection of posters "P.O.D. Limited Edition" and a composite poster that will be displayed at the adidas Originals Flagship store of via Tocqueville. 

All the four artists take inspiration from the web culture and the modern aesthetics. Let's meet them. 

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Laro Vilas Boas


Laro Vilas Boas aka Laro Lagosta, born and raised in the beautiful historical town of Ponte de Lima, is a Porto based illustrator and graphic designer. His work encapsulates the realm of the Internet. From the simplicity of daily illustrations about today’s culture, cartoons about the sneaker community, to landscapes with giant sneakers, Laro’s work lives and breaths on the Web, its spontaneity and ever-changing atmosphere. 


Marica Martella

Marica Martella is a digital visual artist and graphic designer. Her work is deeply influenced by cyberspace’s contamination of contemporary culture, the contrast created between the material object and the immateriality of the web, between people of art and accidental audience.


Carlo Giardina

Carlo Giardina, - aka FinnanoFenno (or simply Finny) - is a 27-year-old illustrator and visual artist. His style is a mix of pop and digital art: he uses his fingers as a brush and his iPad screen as a canvas. He’s been collaborating with established brands on the creation of contents, goods, and visuals while bringing forward his personal projects.


Federico Giuliani


Un post condiviso da Federico Giuliani (@f_giul) in data:

Based in Milan, Federico Giuliani is visual artist specialized in Art Direction, illustration and branding. Obsessed about the world of Art Toys, Retro Games and the American hip-hop scene from the 90s, he has made his passions a source of inspiration in his everyday work.