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London Men’s Fashion Week SS19 Moodboard

The inspirations directly from the catwalks

London Men’s Fashion Week SS19 Moodboard  The inspirations directly from the catwalks

One of the aims of Fashion Week is to reveal what we are going to wear next season, to tell us how the future will be, at least from an aesthetic point of view.

This time, the designers who presented their collections in London really tried to show us our tomorrow.

The designers found the inspiration in what surrounds them, from art and society to the outlines of a dystopian future, from Xander Zhou with his pregnant models to Martin Miller's eco-underground, characterized by no gender barrier, utilitarianism and the good amount of eccentricity

A-COLD-WALL opted for a sort of deconstructed brutalism as an interpretation of the way physical spaces can be related to our mental state; Moschino has recalled the vintage atmosphere of the circus; Cottweiler sought Zen meditating in a hippie retreat, Liam Hodges made a trip to Las Vegas; Martine Rose has sewn a love letter to London in the '80s and' 90s; Christopher Raeburn was fascinated by the satellite images of the glaciers that are disappearing.

Whatever style convinces you the most, tomorrow is already written.


Art  Design

Daniel W. Fletcher - Caitlin Keogh

Edward Crutchley - Lucien Murat “Dernier vol premier viol” 

Kiko Kostadinov - Martin Kippenberger “The Happy End of Franz Kafka's “Amerika”

E. Tautz - Detail of Trade Emblem of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights, Smiths 

A-Cold-Wall - Claes Oldenburg “Shelf Life Number 9” 

An homage to

Xander Zhou - Qianshou Guanyin

Cottweiler – Hippie retreat community

Alex Mullins – Irizumi tattoo illustration

Christopher Raeburn - satellite imagery of the disappearing Arctic ice and glaciers

Lou Dalton – The hills of Shropshire

Qasimi - Eighties editorials by Aldo Fallai

Liam Hodges - Joey from “Friends” - Robert Venturi “Learning from Las Vegas”


Martine Rose - 21 Jump Street

Moschino – Vintage strongman

John Lawrence Sullivan - "Hot Love: Swiss Punk & Wave, 1976-1980"

Matthew Miller – Bauer USN vest