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Interview with @sneakersutra

The profile that mix sneakers and Kamasutra analyzed in a no filters interview

Interview with @sneakersutra The profile that mix sneakers and Kamasutra analyzed in a no filters interview

Skimming on Instagram often our attention is caught by different pages, but when we bump into Sneakersutra we jumped on the chair. Two “hot” arguments perfectly mixed in a page with unique and unmistakable contents.

Andrea Locci, the creator of @sneakersutra, using clean lines and simple colors was able to unify the sneakers world with Kamasutra, without reaching overly vulgar conclusions.

This combination could leave you puzzled, but the page born in November 2017 doesn’t leave any doubts and we had the pleasure to interview its creator to know the secrets behind this unusual idea without filters.


#1 Sneakersutra is an interesting project found on Instagram. Who is behind this profile?A sneaker head or an artist?

Hi! Behind Sneakersutra there’s me Andrea Locci, an art director with passion for sneakers (but not a sneakerhead) and for illustration that decides to mix those two worlds in one single project, fun, in his opinion.


#2 Your illustrative project go through two themes, kamasutra and sneakers. Where did you find the idea to fuse those two arguments?

Everything was born when I noticed that: more we are proud of our sneaker, more we show off, as animals (also humans) that use this technique to attract the partner. Starting to draw people wearing sneakers in sexual positions was the logical next step. The harmonic sound produced by the word Sneak and Sutra together was the cherry on the cake that push me to believe in this project.


#3 Let’s talk about your illustrative style, how you realize your draws and where you find the inspiration?

My style is as you can see, easy to eat: simple lines, black outline and vivid colors. Based on graphics and that goes straight to the point, all digital made. For my inspiration I devour all kinds of images and pictures, they need just to make me stop and think, or laugh, what I’m really looking for with my work, is to make people stop, even for one second. With Sneakersutra my clear objective is to make you laugh.


#4 Let’s focus on sneakers. How do you choose the silhouettes used in your illustration?and why you choose classic and more limited release?

The sneakers selection is casual. My Instagram feed is full of every kind of sneakers, different years, rare, hyped or not. Those one that catch my attention become the protagonists of my illustrations.


#5 What’s the next step of Sneakersutra? and looking to a further future which are your objectectives for the page?

The next step is to finish the illustration series reaching the total of 69 (obviously) and collect them in a book. Meanwhile I would love to collaborate with brand for advertising campaigns, and using the web and social media power everything is possible.