H&M has recently finished in the storm with the accusation of racism for choosing to pose as a model, a black kid wearing a green sweatshirt with the words "The coolest monkey in the jungle".

The juxtaposition of the phrase with the boy's ethnicity was perceived as a racist message and generated a series of indignant reactions, coming from many social profiles, including those of P Diddy, LeBron James, Kevin-Prince Boateng and The Weeknd, which , following the incident, he decided to suspend all collaboration with the brand.

The Swedish giant has apologized, has deleted the offending image and withdrew the garment from the shelves, stating in a press release that will be recycled.

The mother of the child -model has made known her opinion via Facebook, inviting all to stop crying wolf, unnecessarily exaggerating the fact.



The mother of the young boy wearing the “monkey” sweater respond to ctitics