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nss meets Converse - Milano

Photography Vincenzo Schioppa

nss meets Converse - Milano
Photography Vincenzo Schioppa
nss meets Converse - Milano Photography Vincenzo Schioppa

#nssmeetsconverse comes back with a new chapter set in the wonderful creative frame of the city of Milan.

Converse One Star releases its ethos by lurking the streets of the city through the style of three young creators. Marco Cornago, brand communication student, always connected to present and future, Bernardo Fibrosi, social media manager & DJ and Alice Sofia Navarin, model and contemporary art lover, are the faces chosen to tell the story of a sneaker true to its style but in constant evolution.

 The One Star model is the mirror of a new generation, a new youth who is not afraid to risk everything and get involved in the pursuit of their creative dreams. Goals that seem far away but that, one step at a time, are getting closer and closer.



Being "One Star" means never to stop in front of appearances,
always go looking for exciting realities and experimenting with new ways of communicating.

In Milan I became an adult, is where I began to follow my passions and I did it wearing a pair of One Star: it is a model that holds the pace of the new generations.

The beauty of the One Star is that it’s a timeless classic. It's like a work of art that you never get tired of wearing.


Local Heroes Marco CornagoBernardo FibrosiAlice Sofia Navarin
Photographer Vincenzo Schioppa
Styling Valeria Semushina
MUA Elena Gaggero
Production nss factory