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Vera Irmy Stefania Calcagno

Milan, Italy


Women’s Shoes Buyer @GUCCI

Milan, Italy


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

I am living my quarantine in my Milan apartment, 24hours (obviously) with my sister. Well, after almost two months of quarantine, I have, above all learned to keep at bay my fantastically unstable mood that is usually a roller coaster, but as a good Capricorn which proudly I am, has accompanied me all my life. The important thing is that I never pretended to find myself 'something to do', but rather I am taking advantage of this time to take all for myself that I rarely could not do before. And so without realizing it, I found myself in a parallel universe where working from home is no longer a crime for 'hangover people from the night before' and where it is no longer necessary to find semi-intelligent excuses for not going out with friends every night (yes, even the ones you love lol). The days when I'm not in work, I do research practically all day long (images, trends, emerging brands) I read even if not a lot, I watch copious amounts of movies (practically already seen a hundred), I wear my favourite cowboy hat, photograph Ale for our Qdiary, at 6 pm aperitivo is mandatory and then I think, I think of my life, I think of my family, of my friends, I think of when all this will be over and I think who knows what to expect the first days of our newly gained freedom. 


What is your soundtrack?

Cola by Camelphat & Elderbrook, Don’t let me be misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda, Barbara by Enzo Carella & Nu Guinea.