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Zoë Baranski

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Visual merchandiser and stylist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


How are you living the quarantine? Fears and dreams? 

Quarantine fear: fear of financial security/ boredom and personal expectations. Most creatives rely on a day job to pay the bills and during this crisis, a lot of us have lost that day job. For me the loss is substantial. I fear I will become bored with what I usually find calming. In working on creative things during this period of isolation I fear I will no longer find a release from it but become bored as it becomes part of a routine. I think a lot of people have expectations to create something meaningful since they suddenly have all this free time. There’s a sort of personal pressure I’m sure a lot of people are feeling. Dreams: I’d just like to be able to go for a walk to meet a friend and have a coffee outside.

What is your soundtrack? 

Madonna Human Nature