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René Magritte goes to Paris

@ Centre Pompidou

René Magritte goes to Paris @ Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris dedicates a new retrospective to René Magritte, entitled Magritte. La Trahison des images.

The exhibition, open from September 21, 2016 until January 23, 2017 (from February 10 until June 5 it will move a to the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt), offers a new perspective on the work of the Belgian painter, since it explores the artist's interest in philosophy, culminated in 1973 with Focault’s work Ceci n'est pas une pipe, born from a series of discussions between the two.

You will be able to admire over one hundred paintings, drawings and documents among known masterpieces and other less familiar works, all drawn from major public and private collections.

5 sections will explore the indecipherable language full of nonsense that made Magritte a symbol and spokesman of Surrealism: the fire, the shadow, the curtains, the words and the dissected body.


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