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Marina Abramović: "A son would have been a disaster for my work"

Is art (still) a thing for men?

Marina Abramović: A son would have been a disaster for my work Is art (still) a thing for men?


«I had three abortions because I was convinced that it would be a disaster for my work, that you only have so much energy in your body and I would have to share it».

Marina Abramović reveals it during an interview with German newspaper Tagesspiegel.

The Serbian performer is direct, honest talking about herself as well as in motivating the gap which, in the art world and not only, divides men and women. «In my opinion [children are] the reason why women aren’t as successful as men in the art world. There are plenty of talented women. Why do men take all the important positions? It's simple: love, family, children – a woman does not want to sacrifice all of that [...] There are good artists that have children. Of course there are: They are called men».

The artist chose freedom, freedom from constraints and freedom to choose herself and her work.

She tells of being unable to think of a different life from the one she lived, but admits «Of course, I dream to have this perfect man, who does not want to change me. And I’m so not marriage material, it’s terrible. But my dream is to have those Sunday mornings, where you’re eating breakfast and reading newspapers with somebody».