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A women-only museum

A project by Pussy Riot

A women-only museum A project by Pussy Riot

For those who don't know them yet, Pussy Riot are a collective of punk rock, feminist girls, politically active, who are fighting for democracy in Russia and the rest of the world.

Now those "good girls" have decided to open an all-women museum in Montenegro in cooperation with gallery owner Marat Guelman.

The peculiarity of the museum will be one of proposing only a selection of women artists and curators, who will follow an ethics based on "all for women, by women, about women".

From an artistic but also social point of view, it is a very important choice that eventually will intensify the presence of women within the art world, that apparently - looking at percentages and data - is still very poor both in terms of attendance and sales of the works by female artists, revealing there's still a little "diversification" of genre, or at least an insufficient attention and credibility fair to both sexes.

This project aims at giving a voice to the world of art belonging to women today and yesterday, nearly a redemption for the androcentric choice which saw many female art personalities put in a corner, even in the texts devoted to art.