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Judith Bernstein: "Birth of universe"

Artistic feminism

Judith Bernstein: Birth of universe Artistic feminism

Judith Bernstein is an artist in life has made the sexuality the center of her universe staff: at the center of her feminist ideals, and subject specific and unequivocal in her works.

She chooses to make a parallelism, in "Birth of universe", between the magnetic force of the cosmos, and the influence of this force on the progress of our natural assets, and the magnetic force of the sexes, and properly of the opposing male and female genitalia, and as the latter are vital energy and mortal, are production and destruction, and resultant of combinations that affect, through different dynamics, the attitude of the ratios is interrelational.

In an interview declares: "my artistic references are an amalgamation of the psychology of sex and of the feminist struggle, in different orders and priorities. As a student at the Yale school of Art in the years 60, in which some degree courses were actually very masculine, i experienced the extreme inequality, both in my environment that to the outside world. Personally i was fascinated by the drawings of the baths of Yale, and I think that the graffiti are deep psychologically more than you think. I love the crude humor, and there is no editing of thoughts when men draw in the bathroom".


Best song: God save the Queen- Sex Pistols