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The Fabergé egg inspired by Game of Thrones


The Fabergé egg inspired by Game of Thrones «Dracarys»

The historic and world renewed Fabergè jewellery design house has announced a collaboration with Game of Thrones dedicated to the ten-year anniversary of the TV series. The result will be a one-off Fabergé egg model that opens to reveal the profile of a ruby dragon, locked in a shell of gems that resemble scales — and which is dedicated to Daenerys Targaryen

The price of the egg is around £1.6 million but Fabergé will select the buyer based on their willingness to display it. Josina von dem Bussche-Kessell, Fabergé's sales director explained:

Because ‘Game of Thrones’ is a global phenomenon, we don’t want it to be locked away in someone’s penthouse somewhere. We really would love it to be something that people can enjoy and look at. 

The egg will be made by the end of 2021 by artisans from Fabergé, London, who will create an 18-carat white gold structure and during these months the gems will be carefully cut and assembled. Its structure is not only a reference to Game of Thrones but also to the story of the original Fabergé Eggs: of the original collection, in fact, an egg owned a ruby crown that appeared to open it; while another had a pine cone-shaped structure that is very similar to the "scaled" structure of the model in production now.