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TOMMY CA$H live in Rome

We went to the live performance of the craziest rapper from Estonia

TOMMY CA$H live in Rome We went to the live performance of the craziest rapper from Estonia
Giulio Pecci

If your most famous verse is "One stripe in the night make me feel alright,Three stripes on my body make my swag real tight" you'll expect a specific kind of entertainment on stage. 

Tommy Cash, from Estonia, dominated the roman stage of Largo Venue without the three stripes on the body, but with a crazy energy that perhaps suggests that at least part of that verse has been faithfully respected. The rapper from Eastern Europe has risen to fame for some years now but it is mainly thanks to the release this year of "Yes" (written with the symbols of yen, euro and dollar) that he is definitively assumed to be a prophet of the most creepy sound and aesthetics of Eastern Europe, effectively mixing it in videos and productions with trends that touch even those of hi-tech electronics. In short, the result is attributable to what would happen if a cultured Californian producer made a trip to Eastern Europe based on disco dance trash 90s and many synthetic drugs. A happy union between past, present and future that leaves you stunned and excited.

It must be said that Tomas Tammemets can really put on a show. The concert starts on time and he goes up on his own, supported only by wonderfully crazy visuals that are projected behind him. The explosive energy of the tracks from his last record and his physical energy, expressed with jumps, somersaults, runs from one side of the stage to the other combined with a peculiar voice, disturbing but at the same time mesmerizing, succeed in the difficult task of distracting the attention from the fact that on the stage there's only a short, skinny guy. There is no interruption between a piece and the other, if not about half concert when Tommy leaves the stage for a few minutes leaving the audience at the mercy of a tight selection of beats that does not let the adrenaline drop even of one point - it rather increases further expectations. 

Thee most exciting things that have happened: a guy in the front row who took a selfie with Tommy in the middle of the exhibition given that it was his birthday, a man gets on stage and throws himself on the crowd making a very short stage diving and finally Tommy Cash who during the encore decides to leave the stage and put himself at the center of the audience that for some very intense second threatens to crush him to death. 

An performance full of adrenaline that confirms the uniqueness of an all-round artist like Tommy Cash and that makes us want to discover even more what he will do in the future. Although on closer inspection, Tommy Cash already lives in the future.