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5 reasons why we love Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s film celebrates its 26th anniversary

5 reasons why we love Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton’s film celebrates its 26th anniversary


Edward Scissorhands is a cult movie directed and produced by Tim Burton and today it’s turning 26. It made us laugh and cry, and maybe still believe in true love, and to commemorate this classic we thought it beautiful to share with you the top 5 reasons why we fell in love with it. 

#1 The City
Edward Scissorhands is set in a graceful small town, where all the houses are different and whose colours create an intimate atmosphere. Real question is, does this place really exist? And where can we find this paradise, which seems to be born for Instagram?

Its name is Tampa, Florida, the city where cast was settled. Unfortunately , in the real world, this cosy town doesn’t appear as attractive as it looked in the movie: during  the filming, inhabitants were hosted as guests in a hotel and buildings were redecorated for the occasion.

In any case, Stefan Czapsky’s photography was amazing and Caroline Thompson’s scenic design even better.

#2 Edward’s flowerbeds
Once he has settled in the city, Edward wants to be useful to the community, to make himself known and to gain appreciation. And for one who has scissors instead of hands, what could be better than sculpt flowers and grass? 

#3 The residents of the town 
Another interesting element of the city (Tampa) is represented by its inhabitants. Everyone personifies an aspect of a sanctimonious society. A society that doesn’t have a pure heart and it’s not therefore capable of trusting one who has.

#4 Edward’s hairstyling
As for flowerbeds, Edward is also a talented hairstylist. Thus, all the ladies entrust him their hair care, to gain creative haircuts also for themselves and for their beloved dogs.

#5 Edward’s hybrid nature
Our protagonist, Edward, is for sure a hybrid, artificially created in laboratory. An incomplete being, to which his creator didn’t have enough time to add hands. He is A rare introspective character that reminds us a modern Frankenstein. These two sides of the coin, his being both a human and a “robot”, come often to light during the story, and - are taken to an extreme level, depending on the people Edward get in touch with. As a matter of fact, Edward turns out to be a creature full of love, keen on offering and receiving it. At the same time he becomes extremely aggressive with people that don’t understand his nature and are afraid of him.