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Try "Rate Me", the app from Black Mirror's first episode

Can you get over 4.5?

Try Rate Me, the app from Black Mirror's first episode Can you get over 4.5?

The first episode of Black Mirror's third season is probably the one that differs the least from the reality we already live in.

The protagonist, Lacie, is the portrait of the average woman: she has  an average job, an average house shared with his brother from whom she wants to part as soon as possible, she's surrounded by so many smiles by friends and strangers, and, above all, she has a fairly good social rating. Yes, because in the future pictured by Black Mirror's first episode  the rule is to rate every everyone's actions. From the way you're serving  coffee at the bar in the morning to the way you greet your friends when you meet them, up to the photos you upload on your profile, everything  will be rated.

The app resembles (a bit too much) of Instagram, with pictures showing off perfect lives and shots portraying food, with the little difference that here the final profile's rating affects every aspect of your life: depending on how many points you have you might get the most beautiful house in this or that district, you can get on the flight you've already booked or, if you have a bad rating, you could risk not to embark; someone could give you a ride if you're hitchhiking, or just leave you on the street. The result is a world where everyone's smiling all the time, where no one feels free to react how they'd like to for fear that their own personal score could get lower. In short: pure anxiety.

Now, to promote Black Mirror's third season, Netflix has created a site that recreates the famous app used in the first episode. So we can try Rate Me too!


The idea is very simple: you enter the name of a friend or your own, and the app shows you a totally random social rating, that we can then choose to share on our (real) social media.