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Obama is launching his own music festival

‘South By South Lawn’

Obama is launching his own music festival ‘South By South Lawn’

Who could ever stop Obama now – and, most importantly, why would we even want to? The American president seems to be damn serious about turning his last days at the White House into a steamy party.

It was only a few weeks ago that the president surprised everybody sharing an exclusive Summer ’16 playlist on Spotify, and now he’s ready to take his career in the music business a step further, having announced he’s about to launch his own music festival.

Destined to last just one day and entitled ‘South By South Lawn’, the festival will be held at the most unique of all locations, the White House gardens and will take place on October 3.

On October 3, the White House will convene creators, innovators, and organisers from across the country for an evening of music, film, and great ideas. It is a call to arms for every American to roll up their sleeves and make a positive mark on our country — and a celebration of the great work so many of us have already accomplished” reads the press release.

We are just left wondering what the brand new arts’ patron move will be.