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Ulocal App

Feel at home in every city in the world

Ulocal App Feel at home in every city in the world

Two Italian students , Elia Fornari and Edoardo Centioni have created a new mobile application:  Ulocal.

Living in the same house and having the same friends, and above all the same needs, the two became aware of as a college they knew and thousands of students from all over the world, but as they remained unaware of the true life of student.

They are put into their heads that the problem were the means, there was no easy way to connect with the locals and ask him directly where they were going to have fun usually. So they decided to create a network that conect students or tourists to Locals. Why other social networks do not allow you to directly contact the local people, they divided their user for the site. What emerged was Ulocal .

Only a Local can tell us where they all go to skate, only one Local can tell where you will find parking or where you eat well.

A new app to discover all the places we visit through the eyes of those places who really lives them every day, an app to connect users. The soul of this Ulocal is an application that wants to make the tourists feel at home. Because who knows a city better than those who live there ?

Feel at home in every city in the world with Ulocal !