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New Bitcoin inspired by Kanye West

Will we pay with Coinye West?

New Bitcoin inspired by Kanye West Will we pay with Coinye West?

Sit back, open your ears and - in the case - rub your eyes as well: Kanye West will become a coin, to be precise a Bitcoin .

But let's start from the beginning. A Bitcoin, the result of the intuition of an anonymous gentleman who comes in the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, is a kind of electronic money with peer-to-peer structure that can be saved on a computer and transferred over the Internet to anyone who have a Bitcoin address. In short, it's an alternative pretty cool - and a little less known - to PayPal.

Trying to make this way to purchase more popular, a group - again, anonymous - of entrepreneurs and programmers had the idea to launch their new Bitcoin inspired by Mr. West. The name of the currency deserves an applause: Coinye West.

The decision to dedicate the currency to Kanye, said the creators of the project in an interview with Spin, was dictated by its being an absolute trendsetter in every situation. This will obviously help, virally speaking, the rise of the new Bitcoins.

Coinye West will be launched here, as the countdown says, in eight days, eight hours and several minutes.

Will we need Kanye West to make the Bitcoin a mainstream reality? The fact remains that even the NYE's countdown is able to create all this hype.