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5 things to do for the Milan weekend


5 things to do for the Milan weekend  FINALLY!

It feels almost surreal to go back to write this type of articles after more than a year, so much so that we don't even remember what we did during the weekends in Milan, or in general, in our previous life. As expected, it won't be the spring weekend everyone was excited for, and there will also be May 1st aka a lot of closed places, but it's nice to know that you can leave the house to do something besides the usual walk around the block. We must all realize, though, that from now on there won't be any last-minute programs, but only carefully scheduled weekends, with reservations in bars, restaurants, museums and so on. The organization is key. But now enough with the premises and let's get ready to enjoy - as much as possible - a good weekend in the yellow zone. 


To Eat - Le Vie di Taipei

This place dedicated to Taiwanese street food opened just over a year ago, a stone's throw from the Paolo Sarpi area. The restaurant tries to physically reproduce the maps of Google Maps, with maps and graphics printed and reproduced on the floor and walls. The menu, which offers dishes at a great price, ranges from rice pies, bao, to Taiwanese omelettes.

Le Vie di Taipei
via Canonica, 40

To Discover - Carla Accardi @ Museo del Novecento

Although the exhibition was inaugurated in October, it's very likely that between closures and areas of various shades of colour, you haven't been able to visit it yet, and this weekend could be an excellent opportunity, even if only to return to one of the symbolic museums of Milan. The retrospective traces the long career of Accardi, from paintings on canvas to plastics and installations, the first Italian abstractionist famous all over the world, whose artworks' colours remain etched in everyone's memory.

Museo del Novecento
Piazza del Duomo, 8 Milan 
Saturday and Sunday from h 10 to h 19.30
Info & bookings here


To Chill - Parco dell'Arte dell'Idroscalo

A permanent open-air museum where the sculptures of international artists blend with the green landscape and the stretch of water that are the protagonists of the Idroscalo. A good way to combine a walk in the fresh air and a nice artistic insight. 

Parco dell'Arte dell'Idroscalo
Riviera Est 
from h 7.30 to h 21
Free Entry
Closed exceptionally on Sunday 2nd May


To Shop - Moscova Vintage Market

You might have noticed the advertising of this space around Milan, at bus and tram stops. Inside the Moscova District Market, a space of over 1000 square meters, a private sale of fashion, design and beauty items has been set up, with a wide selection ranging from the 1960s to today. Admission to the event is available by reservation only, in order to guarantee maximum security. 

Saturday and Sunday from h 10 to h 20
Moscova District Market
via Alessandro Volta, 7A, Milan 
Free entry, bookings at this link


To Club - Turbo Milano

Before returning to real clubbing, a lot of time will pass. In the meantime, this shortcoming can be remedied by choosing a nice place, in a lively area, where you can enjoy some music and a good drink before curfew. Turbo Milano could be the place you were looking for.

Turbo Milano
via Andrea Ponti, 4 Milan
Info & reservations here