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How to attend Travis Scott's Fortnite concert

First clue: go north of Sweaty Sands

How to attend Travis Scott's Fortnite concert First clue: go north of Sweaty Sands

Since yesterday, the collaboration between the popular video game Fortnite and Travis Scott has officially opened, starting with a series of challenges within the game and culminating with the rapper's five live performances, with the debut of the new single Astronomical. Fortnite is a third-person shooter, available for download on almost every gaming platform, including PC, smartphone, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. To play, simply download it from the Epic Games site or the App Store or Google Play and create an account. The game is completely free, the only money you spend is on buying skins and accessories for your character – the so-called microtransactions that make up the proceeds of Epic Games. You can play alone, with Battle Royale mode, which sees players fall off an aircraft and land on an island at the beginning of each session and fight each other until only one survives, or with Save The World mode, which is instead a cooperative survival game in which teams are played. In addition to shooting and using weapons, you can use the resources of the playing field to build ramps and wooden walls on which to move and run. Every ten weeks, the game undergoes updates called "seasons" that introduce features, objects, modes, and other changes to the island where the action takes place. This also consists of the game's appeal: Fortnite has no self-conclusives but is an ever-evolving universe

In anticipation of the concert, three different challenges have been entered into the game that unlock three prizes and, completed together, activate a cumulative prize. To attend the concert, you will have to go to the stage in Sweaty Sands Bay in the upper left corner of the map at least thirty minutes before the start of the concerts whose schedules are present in the gallery above – visiting the stage is one of the three challenges to face, it is recognizable for the large Ferris wheel visible from the ground, close to one of the five Astro Heads that dot the bay. The other two challenges are relatively simple: dancing for ten seconds on the dancefloor of the Yacht or Apres Ski and bouncing on the five Astro Heads that appeared yesterday in the game – golden heads that reproduce the features of Travis Scott. The Yacht and Apres Ski are located in the far northeast corner of the map and on the southernmost side of the island, southeast from Misty Meadows, while bouncing on the Astro Heads will be enough or land on the first at the beginning of the game or create ramps. 

Surely it is to be expected that all five dates of the concert will be crowded with players – after all we talk about the only concert of one of the most famous singers that you can witness in the world given the current situation. Travis Scott's concert and challenges come at a particular time for the game, which is seeing a slight decline and, after the release of Chapter 2 of the second season: , at the end of 2019, the revenue of the game had decreased by 25% compared to the previous year, from 2.4 billion dollars in 2018 to 1.8 billion. A decline that is still related to the section of the game dedicated to professional competition and that still leaves Fortnite at the top of the list of the most popular and profitable video games – although the loss of negotiating power in the tug-of-war with Google, with the release of the game on the Play Store changing its previous decision to use a separate installer for Android to avoid paying Google 30% revenue fees.