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Polaroid's new look

'Polaroid Now' is the instant camera of the future

Polaroid's new look 'Polaroid Now' is the instant camera of the future

Polaroid unveils its last model: the Polaroid Now. Starting from its iconic rainbow, the most famous Instant Camera in the world comes back with a fresh and contemporary brand new design, along with a collection of colourful photographic films. This new look is already available online at the price of 129,99€.

It seems impossible: founded in 1937 by Edwin Land (One of the last geniuses, who was defeated only by Edison in the number of registered patents), Polaroid is already 80 years old. Its Instant Cameras have been the must-have of every teenager between the Seventies and the Eighties, but in the last few years, they've come back to fame and became a cult for millennials, who re-discovered them in some flea market and appreciated the taste of vintage. To celebrate this success, Polaroid Originals returned to its original brand name of 'Polaroid' and debuts a new version of its traditional camera: the Polaroid Now.

As usual, the new Polaroid Now is very easy to use. The new design is fluid and is different in many colours as red, orange, yellow, green and blue - and in the traditional black & white. The new design also features a timer (to take analogical selfies), an improved flash, the possibility of the double exposition (to make us all feel like artists), a new autofocus lens system that can automatically switch between portrait and landscape formats and most of all a new battery that can last for up to 15 packs of films.

Along with the new Instant Camera, Polaroid is launching the new i-Type Color Wave films, a collection of coloured films with shades from lunar blues to warm orange and red; and the new series of i-Type Black Frame films, with an iconic black frame.

In the 70’s, Polaroid changed the rules of branding with the introduction of bold, full panel rainbow spectrums across our product lines, inspiring a host of legendary brands to this day, said Polaroid CEO Oskar Smolokowski. As this new decade marks a new chapter in the Polaroid story, it’s a moment for us to celebrate that heritage while keeping our sights set on the future. The new identity for 2020 reflects this, boldly reclaiming the color spectrum as uniquely Polaroid.

The new Polaroid Now i-Type is available for a limited time online at with the price of 129,99€.