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5 things to do in Milan this weekend

Coronavirus edition

5 things to do in Milan this weekend Coronavirus edition

The last weekend in which no one knew what to do or could go out in Milan was perhaps during the Second World War. Yet here we are, we have an absolute ban on setting foot outside the house, curfews that make us feel in the Middle Ages and an amount of free time on our hands that we had never hoped to have. But like every weekend, nss magazine's precious advice on what to do had to be published. 


To Club – Lying in bed doing nothing, but with Spotify

We have no choice at this point. Spread out on the bed, twist your fingers on your lap and start any playlist. It's literally the closest thing to clubbing you can do this weekend.


To Discover – Pornhub Premium

Who needs museums and art exhibitions? Until April 3, Pornhub Premium will be free for residents in Italy, just sign in at this link for free. There will certainly be a lot to discover and without spending a single euro. Not all evils come to harm.


To Chill – Housecleaning

Your mother told you this and some academic studies too: cleaning in the house has a calming effect. And these days there are no surfaces that are clean enough. So take out detergent and broom and make those floors shine as they've never shone before.


To Shop – Esselunga

In a world where nothing is safe, Esselunga welcomes you with open arms with the affection of a mother. Not only has the supermarket chain arranged free delivery for the elderly and pays more for staff members who remain active during the pandemic, but in 20 years, when you're telling your grandchildren this devastating month, you'll remember of the Esselunga, the only beacon of hope in the darkness of these times of lowered shutters.


To Eat – Whatever you have in the fridge

Here we are at the saddest chapter on this list. You're hungry, you don't really want to go out, you have no idea what you want for dinner. The only thing you know is that you can't order food at home again, it's the sixth time this week. You resign. Open the fridge and feel the desolation: how long has that pre-cooked cereal and legume soup been there? Don't take any chances. Opt for frozen cod sticks: they're the closest thing to gourmet food you'll taste this weekend.