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Joey Tribbiani: loved since 1994

7 GIFs to celebrate Matt LeBlanc's birthday

Joey Tribbiani: loved since 1994 7 GIFs to celebrate Matt LeBlanc's birthday

14 years have passed since the last episode aired, but despite this we simply can't forget about Friends. This famous 90s TV series left an open wound in our hearts, but above all it made us fall in love with Joey Tribbiani.

The classic steretype of the idiot friend, Joey is everything a comedy series needs: the confident handsome man, the slut with a shabby joke and that convinced smile that generates sympathy and tenderness in a second.

Half Italian and half American, his motto is "How you doin'?", the pick-up line Joey pronounces 2 times per episode for 10 consecutive seasons, he is the friend that everyone would like to have but above all a better actor in everyday life than in work. 

Exactly for this reason, in order to celebrate the birthday of Matt LeBlanc, we decided to present you the most memorable moments of his most famous character who, despite the passing of the years, continues to unleash in us a crazy nostalgia.


The head in the turkey


Friends' episodes dedicated to Thanksgiving are the most entertaining and memorable. How to forget the episode in which J, to organize a trick to Chandler, remains mistakenly stuck with his head in the turkey.


The bag 


Joey has always been a quite masculine character throughout the ten seasons of the show, except for the episode in which the aspiring actor falls in love with a leather bag under Rachel's persuasion. He won't be able to separate from the bag even during an audition, whose outcome you can imagine. 





Joey is a man with many interests: sandwiches, meatballs sandwiches and his friends. But if there's something that really drives him crazy, that is Janice, Chandler's ex girlfriend. Master degree in running away from her.


Lipstick for men


What a man has to do to get a job... 


Fashion Icon 


Predicting the Balenciaga FW18 is not for everyone. 


Pro Dancer 


Joey's dance moves have become one of Friends' symbols. 


Mermaid Joey 


During a brief holiday, Joey falls asleep on the beach and his friends decide to take advantage of his nap. He appreciated.