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5 Things We Love About Beyonce's 7/11

The new Go Pro video will be viral

5 Things We Love About Beyonce's 7/11 The new Go Pro video will be viral

Grab the popcorn and sit back in front of the computer: Beyoncé surprises us by launching the new video.

Absolutely outsider, Queen B. annihilates the competition with a new production really basic.

We have identified five topics that will dictate trend soon.


Beyonce dancing in front of a GoPro fixed for the duration of the video. This camera has been around for a few years now, but it is becoming one of the things we can not do without. This can take anywhere, your third eye. You still have time to add it to your wishlist Christmas.


Or the evolution of normcore housewife. Messy hair and clothes matched randomly, and plush bathrobes, t-shirt wrinkled. The frizzy hair suddenly become legal and makeup outlawed. The perfect outfit for the hangover.


You've probably noticed the panties that circulate in the video, are those Boyfriend, or better: menrepeller. But if you put at stake the convenience is really an epic win.


You remember those who have always hated? Those who gave the grandmother? Here, Queen B. uses it in the last minute of the video. Trend declared.


Word catchphrase of 2014. This video is undoubtedly the hymn to relaxation, and disorder. There is no shadow of symmetry and rigor. We love it because Queen B. descends from the pedestal and become one of noi.Potreste even to show the video to your mother, "See, even Beyoncé is messy." Then everything is permitted.

The new Queen Of Chilling