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First Time

Because the first time you never forget

First Time Because the first time you never forget

The music accompanies every moment of our lives: when we meet for the first time the person who makes beat our heart, when we share new moments that make us realize how exciting it is to be together, unique and unrepeatable emotions that grow up to warm our heart. In those moments, the right notes can make the difference and make unforgettable our first experiences.

Are you ready to realize what will change forever your life? With the Firsts initiative, Vodafone wants to help the most ambitious people to make something extraordinary, for the first time.

For this reason we thought to a top that could have been (or maybe could be) the soundtrack of your first time, when the experience doesn’t exist yet and wonder reigns in those magical moments. Low sounds alternating with fast beats like those of our heart when we find something unexpected, sophisticated music or dreamy ballads, as our thoughts during those moments. For this reason we have associated each song to a few adjectives, which will give the right rhythm to your first time, making it unforgettable.

Now it's your turn. What is your First? For more information about the Vodafone Firsts program visit


Roll Over Beethoven - First time by Rollover Beethoven on Mixcloud

1 - HOUSES - The Beauty Surrounds

“This happens to everyone, At least once in a lifetime, this is the perfect soundtrack for your break up and your broken dreams..”

2 - COLDPLAY – Magic 

“First time feeling your self as the one and only master of your life.”

3 - BON HOMME – Daybreaker   

“First time that you've watched her while sleeping.”

4 - PANAMA – How we feel

“First trip alone with the sun shining on your face.”

5 - JUNGLE – Drops

“Close your eyes and dream.”

6 - HOW TO DRESS WELL – Repeat Pleasure

"You can cry, dance and smile for the first time at the same time" 

7 - BLOOD ORANGE – Chosen

“First time you've fell in love with a stranger and you couldn't sleep cause thinking of her.”

8 - KEVIN DREW – Good Sex

“That time in bed you gave it all, for real” 

9 - REAL ESTATE – Talking Backwards 

“Have u ever get lost in the desert?” 

10 - GLAGYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS – Midnight to Georgia

“When at midnight you want everyone go to hell for the first time because now it's up to you, only you.”


ALPHABET MIX - THE FIRST TIME by Nssmag on Mixcloud

1 - DAN CROLL - From Nowhere

"Because sometimes falling in love also means losing control"

2 - MADONNA - Justify My Love 

"Close your eyes and talk to me."

3 - MARVIN GAYE - Let's Get It On 

“Delicate love.”

4 - CHROMATICS - Kill For Love

"The first disappointment hurt, but love is not always pain."

5 - THE GENIUS - After Midnight 

"You should never stop seducing your love."

6 - THE SWISS - Kiss to Kiss 

"The first kiss is the one that you remember for a lifetime and remains forever in our hearts. "


"That time when you let go."

8 - PASCAL PINON - I wrote a song

“You'll never forget your first true love.”

9 - MILKY CHANCE - Flashed Junk Mind

"Unkempt hair by Wind and undefined color eyes.”

10 - THE MINKS - Romans 

" You're my one and only, you're my one and only."