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SebastiAn is back

A chat with the French producer and DJ who will release a brand new album after 9 years

SebastiAn is back A chat with the French producer and DJ who will release a brand new album after 9 years

During the latest edition of Sónar Festivalwe had the chance to talk with one of the most important and influential personalities of the electronic music scene. 

SebastiAn is a French electronic musician and DJ affiliated with Ed Banger Records. He has worked as a solo electronic musician and has also produced songs for Charlotte GainsbourgFrank OceanKavinskyUffie, and Woodkid, and he has composed music for the films and adverts. Beograd is the third single from Thirst, after 9 years since the release of Total. The new album arrives October 25 via Ed Banger Records/Because Music

Here's what SebastiAn told us. 


#1 I used to buy records at the time and the cover of Total is still stuck in my mind, so iconic. That’s really you, I love this about French producers, the way you stand out in a very elegant way. 

I actually didn’t release anything personal for 9 years, my thing was producing for other people and I always considered myself a producer. I made music for Kavinsky, Yves Saint Laurent ads, Charlotte Gainsbourg and then, Frank Ocean called me to work on Blonde, I mean… This is something I enjoyed but then suddenly after all these projects I wanted to do something for myself. 


#2 What do we have to expect from your upcoming album? 

I don’t know if it this a new SebastiAn, but for sure it’s the result of what I learned, of the people I met and I worked with. I never worked with such an artist like Frank Ocean, no words can explain the way he is working when it comes to music, he is incredibly free. It’s so much about the feelings he puts in the music he makes, I’m just amazed.

#3 Can you tell us more about bumping into Frank Ocean?

I was home doing nothing, and then suddenly my Skype started ringing and I picked up and heard: "Hello, it’s Frank, can you come over tomorrow?" And I said "Where?", and he said “LA”, but, like, ehm, "I’m in Paris", and then he said: "It’s gonna be easy, just come, don’t worry just take the plane and come over". I thought it would have lasted for two-three days, we ended up working together for over 2 years.

#4 I personally think that French music is like a church, and you like the others who belong to this scene can teach others so much. 

I believe it’s just something which came from France in the 90s and it never ended. It’s just a mood, and it’s something that makes it work it’s because we are friends, the connection between artists, something pushing everyone, there is no competition. What we call French touch to me is a network of producers who make music supporting each other.


#5 Coming back on the scene, it’s like, the perfect moment to save a lot of people from this trap club boredom, don’t you think?

Deftones did it before me, coming back after many years. I didn’t do it calculating the moment I had to come back, I’m a producer and when I just felt it’s was the right moment to come back. I don’t listen to a lot of music, so I don’t know what’s trendy or not. I’m not scared about the feedback, I’m sure a lot of people will cheer listening to my tracks, I am confident my music will be the right soundtrack for many people. 

#6 What about your fans? Waiting for you anxiously to come back?

I’m not a social person, I have Instagram like I would have a TV, but I don’t like watching all the programs. The album is about meeting real people, speaking and talking to them, having fun with people. Maybe it’s just me, but listening to the Stranger Things soundtrack made me think that some kids feel a nostalgia even if they haven’t lived those years. Physical objects are having a great back and I’m not saying no to phones, but I lived in an era when there was none, and I still believe that music should be experienced in real life, like going clubbing and not virtually. Talking to other people is the best, the best way to get the right inspiration. I have friends who read too many books and they are afraid to write one: if you’re full of music there’s too much in your head, it’s better to avoid having to know everything. I do this for myself and the people because things are not always made to last forever. Just do what you like, it sounds a bit like Nike’s ad Just do it, but always ask yourself what you fight for and what you want it’s gonna make an impact on your life and other people’s lives for sure.