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'Free Spirit': the new album by Khalid

Releasing April, 5 along with a special short movie

'Free Spirit': the new album by Khalid Releasing April, 5 along with a special short movie

This album represents the peak of my growth and of the experiences I've lived in these last two years. I was in the studio to purify my soul to create a new work that will hopefully speak to anyone listening. I'm excited to share what I've worked on with an audience. 

Last time we talked about Khalid, the American pop and R&B phenomenon, he was about to go on stage at Circolo Magnolia in Milan, ready to enchant the crowd with his soft voice and his unique synthesis of electro-pop. 
Khalid's name started circulating with his single Location, released right after the end of high school: in a very short time, the song became four times platinum record, with more than 670 million streams and 360 million views on YouTube. After having signed with Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records, Khalid published his debut album, American Teen, which caught the attention of both critics and audience: it's impossible not to relate to Kahlid's honest lyrics, which describe the difficulties of becoming adult and the consequences of the end of a relationship. After his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the soundtrack for the movie Black Panther, at the end of last year, Khalid released an EP, entitled Suncity, which marked the beginning of a new era in both the visual and musical aesthetic of the American singer. 

The personal and artistic evolution of Khalid is reflected now in his anticipated second album, releasing tomorrow, April 5, entitled Free Spirit. Along with the album, there's also a short movie, Khalid: Free Spirit, previewed in selected cinemas all over the world and available on YouTube and Apple Music from April 5. 

Talking about the album everyone would say: ok, it's good, but we need some extra content, like a video. 'Free spirit' looked already like a musical film to me, so why not turning it into a real movie? 

The short movie, written and directed by Khalid and Emil Nava, a well-known director, deals with one of the most important themes of Khalid's poetry, the transition from teenage years to adulthood, taking the chance to translate into images his lyrics. The movie follows the adventures of eight kids, that include Khalid himself and his real-life friends, in a small town in the US. The visual alternates cinematographic shots with interviews in a reality-show style, in a mix of reality and fiction. 

The singles Better and Talk, produced by Disclosure, anticipated the release of Khalid's new album, Free Spirit, releasing tomorrow, April 5 for Right Hand Music Group/RCA Records.