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Young Signorino's "TOTAL BLACK EP" is out

5 tracks available on YouTube

Young Signorino's TOTAL BLACK EP is out  5 tracks available on YouTube

The most unpredictable, turbulent, (but above all) talked aItalianalian 19 years old is back.

With an announcement on Instagram Young Signorino declared his return a month after the release of Relax, ready to spread onto the web his new 5 track ep: Total Black, Guido and Drillo, Nebula, Polo skrt and Gelaro. This could be defined as his first real musical project which, in the form of a mini album, which sees the young rapper of Cesena collaborate with five music producers, one for each track, RealLife Livin, Holly, William Gega, UZ and Unknown instrumentalz.

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Un post condiviso da Young Signorino (@young_signorino) in data:

The EP, available for now only on the YouTube page, takes the name of one of these five songs, Total Black, the single is broken, jagged, composed for 80% of verses that repeat the phrase "Total black", but decidedly hypnotic.

Curious and in some ways connected, it would seem to be Polo skrt and Gelaro. Listening this two singles, in fact, some quotations look like the Dark Polo Gang's phrases:

"Fumo gelaro" // "Prendo sempre tre gusti, fumo un cono gelato"

"...faccio cash cash cash" // "Adesso ho più soldi ma meno affetto, cash cash"

Guido e Drillo and Nebulosa are more in YS style: broken verses that are repeated between repetitions and verses, the beat is simple because it is the voice of Signorino to create the sound, between laments and sighs.

One thing, however, must be acknowledged: despite the obscure ambiguity that surrounds this character, despite the apparent indifference to his fame, his extremely rare appearances and the countercurrent sound, Young Signorino is gaining more and more consensus, and the world appreciates him. On social media you can read comments of support and esteem and the views certainly do not lie (his first success, Mmh ha ha ha has more than 23 million views).

Click here to listen to the 5 tracks.